Your Sensitive Skin Will Love This Natural Plant-Based Facial Cleanser And Toner

Gentle Facial Cleanser and Toner by Pili Ani

Pili Ani Cleanser and Toner

Whether you wear makeup or not, cleansing your skin is vital to protecting it from the day’s wear. Reveal and maintain fresh skin with Pili Ani’s plant-based cleanser and toner. Available nationwide, our products are gentle and safe to use on all skin types. We infuse our cleanser and toner with powerful Elemi oil that we harvest straight from nature – from the pili trees in Bicol, Philippines. Elemi oil is packed full of bacteria-fighting agents, fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. You get the deepest clean while feeding your skin the nutrients it needs. Shop our ethically-sourced, sustainable products online now.

Refresh Your Skin with Our Purifying Toner and Cleanser

Washing your face feels great, and it feels even better when your cleanser is made with natural ingredients. You can eliminate dirt and grime from your skin without drying it out. Our Gentle Facial Cleanser uses a low pH formula to prevent stripping of the skin’s moisture. The addition of Elemi oil in our cleanser soothes your skin and balances its natural oil production for a more even appearance. After you cleanse, treat your skin with our Purifying Toner. These Elemi oil-infused products fight bacteria to prevent breakouts while adding extra nourishment and support to your skin. Our ethical beauty products use hypoallergenic ingredients so even sensitive skin can get a refresh.

Sustainable Elemi and Pili Oil-infused Products

Creating a skincare routine with products that are good for your skin and for the environment might seem like a challenge. Pili Ani makes that challenge disappear with its sustainable, ethically-sourced, vegan skincare products. Our products showcase the power of Elemi and Pili oil by giving your skin the nourishment it needs. Incorporating these natural resources into our cleansers and toners helps support and protect the Philippines’ local farming communities. We create products that care for you, the planet, and other communities.