10 Reasons You Should Be Using A Lip Butter Year-Round

five swatches of Pili Ani's Moisturizing Pili Lip Butters in Barely There, Barely Red, Berry, Choclát, and Mint

Think about it: Your lips are exposed to heat, cold, acidic food, pollutants, and makeup the whole day, every day. How do you keep them healthy and soft? Lip Butters in particular are especially kinder to your lips because they're packed with nourishing, natural ingredients like essential oils and botanical extracts. You might only be using moisturizing lip products in the winter, but we’ve got some reasons you should be applying them year-round.

  1. In the colder months, lip butter protects your lips from the elements. The combination of wind and cold during the winter can dry out your lips, and the dry heat indoors only exacerbates the problem. When you use lip butter every day, you’ll help your lips heal and protect them from further damage.
  2. In the summer, a lip butter keeps your lips from peeling and cracking. Sun exposure leads to dry flakes and chapped lips. Keep your pout smooth and supple with a creamy lip butter to seal in moisture. 
  3. Lip butter helps heal chafed skin caused by springtime allergies. Spring allergies can make you miserable, and they can dry out more than your lips. Blowing your nose constantly leads to redness, blistering, and dry skin. A vegan lip butter can actually be multi-purpose, and you can use it on rough patches on your cheeks and nose. 
  4. Using lip butter daily helps keep your lips nourished and healthy. The ingredients in lip butters have natural oils that nourish your lips, making them heal more quickly from damage.
  5. Lip butter is great for your cuticles, too! Applied before bed or when you’re about to put on gloves, it can help keep your ragged, dry cuticles soft and smooth. 

    Pili Ani Moisturizing Pili Lip Butter in Mint

    Pili Ani's Moisturizing Pili Lip Butter in Mint, $18. A colorless lip butter like this one can also be used for dry patches on your face, as a moisturizer for ragged cuticles, and as a lipstick primer/top coat. Shop now.

  6. Natural lip butters help lipstick look better. You use primer under your foundation, but what do you use under your lipstick? Applying lip butter before you put on lip products helps fill in fine lines to make your lipstick look smoother and last longer.
  7. Lip butter can moisturize lips dried out from medication. Many medications can have a dehydrating effect on lips, but lip butter can help replace the moisture that’s lost and keep your pout soft.
  8. If you drink or smoke, lip butter is a necessity, year-round. Could your lifestyle habits be drying out your lips? The chemicals in cigarettes, alcohol, and even coffee can leave lip-drying residue behind, but you can counteract that with lip butter.
  9. Lip butter protects your lips from daily stress. When you make lip butter part of your daily routine, your lips won’t be as affected by the weather and things you consume. You can even apply it before you wash your face, to protect your lips from the dehydrating effects of facial cleanser.
  10. Lip butter is good for everyone. Lip butter comes in many variants—colorless and tinted—so it’s not just people who wear makeup.

Looking for a high-quality lip butter? Pili Ani’s Moisturizing Pili Lip Butter launched in the Philippines and USA in April 2022 with five initial shades: Barely There (natural coral), Barely Red (rich red), Berry (luscious scarlet), Choclát (nutty red), and Mint (clear). 

5 shades of Pili Ani's Moisturizing Pili Lip Butter

 Pili Ani's Moisturizing Pili Lip Butters: Shop the tinted ($20) and clear ($18) variants now!

A plethora of clean, vegan, and sustainable ingredients make up the secret recipe for Pili Ani's Moisturizing Pili Lip Butter. The beauty brand takes this further by combining specially churned Pili Butter with its iconic Pili Oil to achieve a deliciously creamy texture and velvety finish. When applied on a regular basis, your pout will become visibly smoother and plumper—say goodbye to flaky and cracked lips!

Pili Ani is the first and only company in the world that offers beauty and wellness products using the Pili Tree, which is indigenous to the Philippines. Pili Oil, extracted from the pulp of the fruit, is laden with antioxidants and has intense moisturizing properties. Elemi Oil, on the other hand, is tapped from the bark of the Pili Tree and naturally contains antibacterial and firming properties.  

When you buy products from Pili Ani, you can be sure the oils were harvested sustainably and the workers gathering it were treated fairly. The brainchild of Rosalina Tan and her daughter Mary Jane Tan-Ong, Pili Ani is a family-owned, woman-owned, Filipino-owned business committed to producing all-natural cosmetics while doing good for the local community.

The company helps provide jobs and scholarships to families of local farmers and financial assistance to marginalized students. Pili Ani launched in the Philippines in 2016 and since then, the company has worked to provide clean, natural products that are good for your skin, good for the environment, and good for the communities in which they’re produced.  

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